Motorvations Cycling in North and South Carolina


80 Miles

One of George’s favorite training rides for the Tour de France, the Gran route will not disappoint with epic climbs including the infamous Skyuka Mountain KOM, switchbacks on Green River Cove, and a challenging descent down Howard’s Gap.

3 Climbs / 2 Timed

8,100 ft of Climbing


50 Miles

The Medio route provides an intermediate ride through the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains with 1500 feet of climbing and some amazing views.

2 Climbs

2,641 ft of Climbing


15 Miles

The Piccolo follows an easy route from Hotel Domestique, but the rolling hilly loop has a little kick at the end with a 1-mile climb up Camp Old Indian.

1 Climb

663 ft of Climbing

It started with Mick French a project worker for Motorvations getting an invitation to join the Star Track junior cycle team from New York USA who were taking part in a 'Gran Fondo' which is a long distance timed cycle
event. This particular event was organised by George Hincapie who had completed the Tour de France seventeen times and rode alongside some of the greatest
names in cycling. The route covered some of Georges favourite training roads, and to say it was challenging is an understatement, Eighty miles long with 8100 feet
of climbing. My riding style was more survival than competition, but finish it I did, Seven hours in the saddle and 5500 calories burnt.