Information Advice and Guidance

Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) is an essential service offered by Motorvations within course and tutorial programmes and through support services.

We aim to provide a high quality and impartial information, advice and guidance service with appropriate opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills to make successful  choices.


Motorvations offers:

Confidential and unbiased advice:

How we offer this:

Trained, experienced and helpful staff are available to speak to you about immediate needs and queries.

We also offer a signposting service to additional internal and external information or we can arrange guidance interviews with specialist staff.


Motorvations offers:

Accurate, up-to-date and objective information about:

How we offer this:

Information sheets, leaflets, counselling and learning support services available, plus books, magazines, videos and specilist software to provide information.


Motorvations offers:

Confidential, unbiased guidance and specialist support:

How we offer this:

Diagnostic assessments, additional learning support, appointments and sessions for in-depth interviews with trained advisers and counsellors.

Confidential Screening Service Provided  

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